Stewart 51 Partner LLC
November December 2020
                Construction Underway!

We broke ground in November on our new warehouse / office, planning to finish around the end of March 2021.  This will allow us to centralize parts and kits and tooling in one location rather than the scattered storage we have been enduring.  Sometime in late-2021, you can check with us for a part and we will have to check our inventory in only one place and should be able to respond much more reliably.
Above, Curtis Wiggins laying in the plumbing.
Footings to be poured for foundation.

The drawing above is taken from one of Jim Stewart's marketing brochures of the 1990's, and shows the two place configuration that all of his kits were manufactured to be.  Jim explained that no one seemed to want the one place version. 

This drawing, from the same brochure, showed a single-pilot version.  I had wanted the single seat version, and, given I only have about thirty-seven things I need to be doing right now to move this program along, I of course decided to add pursuing the lone pilot version to make it an even thirty-eight.  For one thing, the single pilot cockpit and canopy will look even more to scale.  More on this facet as we progress.